Helping independent foundries track public misuse online.

Donate Now to Gain Access

You can still join TypeSnitch and help Goal 2. We're happy for any support just remember donations of $100 or more are recommended to use TypeSnitch.

TypeSnitch in Fifty Words

TypeSnitch is a community-funded service that helps you keep tabs on where your font files are being publicly shared online. It will monitor popular sources and help you request file takedowns and other tedium related to inappropriate sharing of your files. It has the modest goal of giving you more time to imagine fun places to stick serifs.

Why You Should Donate

TypeSnitch is a community initiative to help independent type-designers better manage their products. Rather than have one foundry pay for the development the idea is to spread the cost out and gain a richer feature-set. Donating $100 or is recommended but support of any kind is appreciated. More about donation levels and funding goals below.

Donation Levels

  1. $10 The Tour. Gain a behind the scenes look at our features with a temporary login.
  2. $50 Sneak Peak. Get a permanent login and monitor up to 5 fonts.
  3. $100 Basic Access. Monitor up to 25 fonts and change them at will.
  4. $200 Robust. 75 fonts and priority server resources.
  5. $500 Cadillac. Unlimited fonts, priority server resources, and priority feature requests.

Goal 1: $4,000 Reached!

Thanks to all of the funders for helping us reach Goal 1! We'll be sending an update soon about our roadmap: stay tuned. The essence of FontSnitch is to automate searches on various popular web services and compile those results in an easy to digest format. Part of making it easier to digest is adding tools for management, filtering and community resources for communicating takedowns and other recourse.

Goal 2: Estimated $8,000

Based on input from our initial user-base we'll create new funding goals to add new features.

  • Improved Piracy Detection Algorithm?
  • Snazzier UI/UX?
  • Better reporting and automating?
  • Site-wide Analytics?
  • Faster Servers?
  • Broader Access?

Who is Making This?

TypeSnitch is a collation of independent font designers and a seasoned web developer experienced in the indie font world.